Here Comes Success!

There are probably only three people in the whole world who will get that the title is a reference to the Iggy Pop song. Sigh. It’s a sad, sad world we live in.


I’ve had two stories accepted recently, and I’m so stoked about it! My dramatic/horror-ish piece ‘The Inheritance’ will be released by No Boundaries Press in February and ‘Power Chord,’ a sexy little story about music and astral travel will be released by Rebel Ink Press in the spring! I’m so excited to be working with both companies and will have more news as I get it!

Thus begins my reign of terror across the literary universe. Mwahahaha…

Seriously, it is a big shot of encouragement. I think sometimes people think that I’m super-agressive or overly confident about what I do…either I’m that good of an actress or they don’t know me very well. I think sometimes my exuberance and passion gets mistaken for strength. I am interested in everything and I give a thousand percent to all my projects and everything I believe in. If I’m working for or with you, I’m going to pick up that banner and run head-first into whatever’s over the next hill (after coming up with a sure-fire winning strategy and making sure my chain mail covers everything, of course.) But as far as always knowing what I’m doing or being completely sure of myself? Uh….not so much. I’m always the first one to admit when I have no idea what I’m doing, and I’m usually willing to see if there are better ways to approach something. But I think that willingness to learn and that natural curiosity save my butt sometimes and keep me moving forward, which is always the direction I want to be going.

I definitely need to sit down with this thing and tweak a few things, start a few things, so there will be more activity here in the coming weeks. So fingers crossed and stay tuned!

And seriously, if you don’t know the Iggy song Success, go download it. Now. And if you don’t know who Iggy Pop is, then I truly do fear for humanity.



~ by admin on December 2, 2011.

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