Resolution Evolution

I know, I know, I’ve dropped off the face of the earth…what can I say? I’ve been off fighting ninja zombies to prevent a world takeover. Don’t believe me? Have you seen any Ninja Zombies lately?  Exactly.

Seriously, the holidays have kicked my butt a little, and admittedly I’m still new to all of this and easily intimidated. But I am trying. In the spirit of the new year I’m taking a deep breath and pushing through the nerves – that’s one of my goals. Wonder what else I could possibly be resolving to change?

A lot of hot authors are going to be talking about their resolutions today over at the Rebel Reasoning Blog, so get over and check us all out! One lucky commenter will win some Rebel reads, so no way do you want to miss that! These guys have been amazing to me – patient and kind and hilarious, so get over there and take a look!

I have to admit, I’m never thrilled about resolutions. I always feel like I drop the ball within a month. Let’s be fair, it’s easy to get distracted, get busy, make excuses. I’ve found I have to make my goals loose to accommodate The Day Job and the ten thousand other things going on in my life. Through the years of making resolutions and setting goals, inevitably breaking them or tossing them aside, I’ve realized I really have to lighten up on myself because I take that sort of failure way too hard.

Yet I don’t want to just drop the thought of striving to be better. It seems finding that balance is always going to be a theme in my life.  With all that in mind, this year I really feel like I’m ready to strap on the big girl panties and really push to give things a go. After all, you can’t expect things to just fall in your lap, right? At some point you have to take a deep breath and try, no matter what goal you’re shooting for. So I suppose as nerve-wracking as putting myself out there can be, as intimidating as all the options are, I’m still going to gather myself together and give it a good try…

….Because if I make that the theme of my resolutions then I can eat whatever the hell I want and not feel bad at all.


~ by admin on January 12, 2012.

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