Editing: not just for polite conversation anymore

Gearing up for my first release and that means one thing: edits.

A lot of people in my life have a hard time understanding that penning a story is actual work, but they really don’t get that the work doesn’t stop there. And though I’m a newbie, from what I hear the work doesn’t stop after the actual title is released. There’s promotional stuff to be done, reviews to seek, all that good stuff.

But today’s effort is all about edits.

I’m pretty hard to offend and I get that an editor’s job is to help an author bring about the best product possible. Still, it’s not always east to see your hard work bearing more marks than a tattoo convention. As much as I’m an adult about this and as logical as I am, I have to admit it was hard to not take it personally for the first five minutes. I mean, the story was accepted, right? Surely it’s a work of  genius just the way it is!


It’s very easy for an author/artist/creator of anything to become attached, even if you’re not trying to. I’ve done it, I know scads of people who have done it…it happens. That means it’s also very hard to see the grammatical and/or structural traps you fall into. Hence, the need for editors. I will admit that the more I looked over the advice the more I realized that my work needed to be tweaked. I mean, what’s worse: having someone whose job it is to help you look good point out your weak points or have a bunch of people who have bought your book gripe about it after it’s released and there’s nothing you can do about it?


So, love it or not, I am open to the suggestion that I am not perfect. And I may succumb to run on sentences a little too much. And there may be times when I forget that something that is an artistic choice in my mind doesn’t always read that way to everyone else. And as startling as it was at first, I am a hundred percent all on board to do what it takes to make my title the best it can be, because at the end of the day I do believe in my work and my stories. Once all is said and done, my titles are going to rock.

But for the moment, it’s back to the red marks.


~ by admin on February 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “Editing: not just for polite conversation anymore”

  1. As a third grade teacher, editing is one of the hardest things for a student to learn. They all think their writing is perfect, but I always make mistakes and when the kids see it and realize it is ok editing is not so bad. I to this day have my friends read my posts to parents so I do not offend anyone!!! So keep working at it. It is a life long process for everyone!!!

  2. I can’t even imagine how hard it would free to see red marks on something I worked so hard on. I would probably feel like I was in high school again. Thanks for participating in the Blog Hop. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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