Introducing: Mary (Sue) Mondays!

I admit it: I let her have her way because I thought her spirits would get crushed and I wouldn’t have to put up with her again. But a certain someone  was so popular during the Valentine’s Day blog hop that she is now convinced that it is her mission to save the unfortuate souls who aren’t aware of their inner power and are desperately in need of the advice only she can give.

Therefore it is with much reluctance that I am going to try an experiment: Mary Mondays. We’ll start at once a month (twice if she gets pesky, vocal) and see what happens. So with reluctance joy I bring you Mary Sue! Show her some love at your own risk!



Of course I’m popular! I’m Mary Sue; how can I not be popular! And let’s face it: you need me. Yes, you, reading this blog right now. You know you have something going on in your life that needs balance. You know you could use some advice on fashion, confidence, hobbies, animal sidekicks, hooking your one and only! So I am going to put out a most charitable offer: Give me your questions, I’ll give you  advice. Think of it as Dear Abby, but with helpful hints that work.

So share with me your relationship woes, your friendship fumbles, your personal peskiness. I can fix it. Need I remind you of my track record? You’re looking at someone who can sing like an angel, lead an army into battle, be smart enough to be rescued by the right guy, nurse unicorns and T-Rex’s back to life, and still have time to be romanced by most of the men that fanfiction writers only dream about. So don’t be afraid — drop me a comment, or, if you rather email Zillah and ask away!


As much as I’m bracing myself, we’re going to try this. Either leave your questions in the comments or email them to me at                                   zillah(dot)anderson(at)gmail(dot)com  with the subject line DEAR MARY SUE. Keep in mind I will screen/edit for content. Also keep in mind that this is in the spirit of Mary Sue so don’t ask anything you don’t want a warped fantasy answer for.  But let’s see what answers the Wise Sparkly One can come up with, hrm?


~ by admin on February 20, 2012.

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