Six Sentence Sunday: Power Chord

It’s Sunday so bring on the Six! I’m evening listening to Sixx: A.M. as I post in honor of Six Sentence Sunday! 😉

This week my (unedited) six come from an upcoming release with Rebel Ink Press. Power Chord is the story of Drake, a  bored and slightly burnt-out rocker who’s bumming around his hotel one night and starts having the most unusual fantasy about a fan. This story definitely brings out my love of music, my love of the speculative/paranormal, and my naughty side (Who, me?)


The Six:

As soon as the opening chords strummed into being he was back in the daydream, back in the room with her exactly as he’d left her. A strange relief filled his chest, and an even stranger heat surged under his skin. He was right behind her, close enough to touch. Her hips swayed to the song’s rhythm, her hand still close to where they both wanted it, but not close enough. Could he touch her in astral form? What the hell, it’s my daydream, he reasoned.

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~ by admin on March 4, 2012.

5 Responses to “Six Sentence Sunday: Power Chord”

  1. Sounds like a great daydream! Do you have a release date for Power Chord yet?

  2. Nicely done! Great six:-)

  3. Awesome six! Definitely want to know more.

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