Coming May 3rd: Power Chord


So the official release date for Power Chord is now May 3! I’m looking forward to this one – it’s my first venture into erotic romance and I think it’s a deliciously naughty read. It’s full of music, mind powers, and dirty fantasies – what could be better?

The Unedited Blurb:

Drake has gotten used to having things his way – he makes the decisions whether it be recording his music, on the road while touring, or in bed. He may be somewhat older than when he first started, but he can still pack venues and still has fans at his mercy. But while professional success brings about one type of satisfaction, there’s a certain type that he just can’t seem to reach one dull night after a show. He doesn’t party hard anymore – he knows better – but that doesn’t mean he can’t indulge in a dirty fantasy all his own. What would it be like to have ultimate power, to be able to shed the confines of his body and sneak up on the unsuspecting by way of astral travel? What would it be like to seduce a woman when she can’t see him, can only feel him when he wants her to?  And what happens when he’s not the only one who appreciates good music and is turned on by the power of control?


And here’s a bit of an unedited excerpt to wet your appetite:

As soon as the opening chords strummed into being he was back in the daydream, back in the room with her exactly as he’d left her. A strange relief filled his chest, and an even stranger heat surged under his skin. He was right behind her, close enough to touch. Her hips swayed to the song’s rhythm, her hand still close to where they both wanted it, but not close enough. Could he touch her in astral form? What the hell, it’s my daydream, he reasoned.

“Does that make you wet?” he breathed as the guitar once again surged into a fiery series of aural pyrotechnics. She froze as if she couldn’t quite hear him but sensed that something was amiss. “Do you want me to put my hands all over you the way I do my guitar?”

He smiled when she darted to the wall to hit the light switch, apparently forgetting that she hadn’t dressed yet. “Sit down,” he urged, and in the hotel room his fingers curled tighter around his length when she immediately obeyed. The song changed to a sultry ballad with a steady, pulsing rhythm. Perfect. Her lips were turned down in confusion, her dark eyes darting back towards the dresser. “No you don’t,” he rumbled, sliding his presence right up beside her. She didn’t look his way. “Touch yourself, honey. Go on; no one’s here.” Long fingers tipped with pink nails slid over the innocent places first: up one arm, down the side of her neck. “Your leg, sweetness,” he murmured, delighted when her fingers darted right to her knee in reply, her free hand tentatively wandering across her collar bone.


Want more? You’ll just have to be patient until May 3rd!




~ by admin on March 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “Coming May 3rd: Power Chord”

  1. I am really looking forward to this one, Zillah! I just know it will be sexy, freaky and a little bit spooky, just like you 😉 Come on, May 3rd!!

  2. Also, how amazing is that cover art??

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