Six Sentence Sunday: Knocking Down Heaven’s Door

It’s Sunday so bring on the Six!

This week’s six are from my (unedited) future summer release with No Boundaries Press entitled Knocking Down Heaven’s Door. It’s a coming of age story that involves Layla, a smart-mouthed teen with a love of classic rock, who ends up at church camp fighting off small-town expectations and coming to grips with how she feels about her life.  This bit is from where she just meets her bunkmate who has just noticed her Led Zeppelin shirt and is a little how shall we say…dubious. So Layla does what she does best: improvises.

My Six

“You’ve never heard of that?” I blanched and slid my bag under the bed. “Oh, wow, Missy; you’ve never heard that song? I mean, it’s ‘Stairway to Heaven!’ It’s like one of the best Christian rock songs ever, all about God’s forgiveness and salvation and stuff! You have to climb the Stairway to Heaven if you’re gonna be saved, right?”


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~ by admin on March 18, 2012.

3 Responses to “Six Sentence Sunday: Knocking Down Heaven’s Door”

  1. Oh, how I love this concept… I’m convinced that we both write ourselves way too well. You’re awesome, dear.

    • Aw thanks babe! You are awesome as well (even if you don’t answer my texts snif)

      And I don’t know what you’re talking about…I’ve never been an instigator EVER or EVER baited someone along who didn’t know what I was talking about…heh

  2. Been a good Cig lover since the beginning! Thanks for the coupon

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