The Overlady Arriveth

Apparently me giving Mary Sue her own outlet was a mistake – well that’s obvious, I know, but I’m talking about a mistake in a different way. It has been pointed out to me that I haven’t given another of my alter egos their time in the spotlight. So without further ado I bring to you the one, the only, The Overlady. Just remember I tried to hold her back.


Greetings, people of the Mundane World. I know things look bleak and boring at the moment. It doesn’t matter where you are; let’s face it – it’s all boring.  Daily frustrations, people irritating you all the time, the daily grind…it all seems tedious, doesn’t it? Well I’m here to help and thankfully I have all the answers. I know you’re probably wondering just who the hell I am. Unlike Mary Sue I don’t have much of a following….yet. But unlike her – I used to be just like all of you out there. Put-upon, down-trod, frustrated…and then I seceded from reality to form my own nice cozy little corner of surreality on the Internet. Who am I?

Bitch, please. I’m the Overlady. And I’m the future dictator  ruler of all known space and time.

All that time in the Mundane World made me believe that I was doing too much when that’s the furthest thing from the truth! I just wasn’t shooting high enough! Pbbbt – even striving to be dictator  ruler of the world is too paltry. Let’s face it – if you’re going to do something you’d better do it right.  And since there isn’t really a term for what I want to be…well Overlord sounds lovely but since I am a lady Overlady will have to do. I’m sure you’re wondering why I (and by extension – Zillah) don’t show my face. Simple – easier to dodge assassins that way. But trust me, I’m very real and very much biding my time. So where do I live if I seceded from the Real World?

A lovely little place I like to call The Overdom (like a kingdom but without the annoying patriarchy). It’s a lovely place that looks a little bit like those fields and forests in those brightly-colored eighties cartoons…with a big-ass sparkly pink and black castle/fortress/armory in the center. It’s like the ultimate playset Hasbro never thought of!

And there are zombies – definitely have zombies. And raptors. I’m considering vampire henchmen but I’m on the fence about them. Knitters definitely get perks. We do have unicorns but they make up my spy network.  Confused? Oh don’t worry, it’ll all make sense in time. The sad thing is that while I have zombies and velociraptors and unicorn spies what I don’t have is minions. And I can’t rightly run the Overdom – let alone take over all known space and time – without minions.

So I figure while everyone is worried about elections and other things this year – I’ll just start my campaign, too. So join The Overlady in the year 2012 and be on the winning side…the only side…it won’t even matter if the world ends because you’ll be on the side that has all of space and time firmly secured in her garter belt! Besides – minions get to party in the Overdom and there are definite perks which I’ll cover as my campaign unfolds (like sparkly dresses. and hot butlers for those who are appointed to my inner circle. Sign up now and we’ll talk about the perks later.)

So what do you have to do to get in on this sweet deal? Just keep watching this blog, my dears, (though following Zillah on Facebook and Twitter and liking her author page will help too – at least until I can sucker her convince her to give me my own web presence)  and together we’ll rule the universe one devious sparkle at a time!

And besides – unlike that Mary Sue twit I get my own graphic…so who ya gonna listen to now, hrm?


…..No, I don’t really know what to say to that, either. I suppose we’ll see what develops. (uh, yikes…)


~ by admin on March 22, 2012.

2 Responses to “The Overlady Arriveth”

  1. Oh my fucking god… I love you. You have no idea how much.

    • Why thank you minion – your expressions of admiration please me. Tribute would please me more but I’ll take love at the moment. I can work with love.

      xoxo – The Overlady

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