Six Sentence Sunday: Monster

Time for another Sunday of Six Sentences!

This week’s Six goes way back to my first-ever published story. Monster takes place in a small town’s Halloween celebration where an unsuspecting haunted house worker comes up against a group of monsters she doesn’t see coming. You can find the whole thing in the Wicked East Press anthology Halloween Frights vol. III.


At somewhere around eleven at night creatures of all sorts filled the fields and temporary trailers that had been set aside for the Spooktacular. There was a singular intent shared by every werewolf, every vampire, and every corpse drawn back to life by the power of the moon. Things that lurked in shadows slithered down these paths, the bumps in the night lumbered onward, each slimy alien, each blood-soaked cannibal, each lunatic and crazed and primal beast tainted with the darkness of October walked on and on. All the visitors had been cleared out and urged to leave, so there was no one to stop them from taking over, from heading to their own secret destination in a humongous gathering of tooth, claw, fur, scale, flesh, and blood. An hour before their hallowed day ended, they would have one last congregation of their ilk. After all, they still had to get their makeup off and collect one last paycheck.


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~ by admin on May 13, 2012.

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