This week’s six again comes from my first-published story ‘Monster’ (in the Wicked East Press Anthology Halloween Frights vol. III) which is about a gal who works in a haunted house and finds evil where she least expects it. This bit exploits my own anxiety about parking lots.

The Six:

The expanse of parking lot was sprawling obsidian desert, its dull black surface broken up every so often by the odd street lamp that grew up from the concrete. Their lights glittered down on the smattering of cars that waited patiently for their owners to be released from their shifts, their outer hulls glittering and making them look like quiet, lethal insects waiting for a victim. Vivien swallowed against the dull burn in her throat, tugged her backpack up over her shoulder, and forced herself to start walking. It was always just a little creepy walking out to her car after a shift, especially given that she inevitably had to park a good deal away from the entrance. The breeze picked up as she came closer to the first rows of cars and her hand immediately reached into her jean pocket to clasp her keys. Who knew what could be hiding between the vehicles?

For more Six go to Six Sentence Sunday!


~ by admin on June 10, 2012.

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