Celebrating Independence Blog Hop!

First off – if you’re looking for the Angels vs. Demons blog hop that’s one post back – the grand prizes for that don’t apply to this hop so I don’t want anyone to get confused!

Fourth of July! Summer is in full swing and the fourth promises a lot of picnics,  swimming parties,  and firework celebrations. It’s a great day to kick back and remember how good we have it and how many people have stood up for what they believe in or sacrificed a lot to keep it that way.  Although I’m usually working on the fifth I have to admit that I look forward to the fireworks , hanging out with my family and loved ones, eating my weight in good food, and listening to giant orchestras play Sousa marches. What? We all have our quirks. It’s a day where everyone can put aside their differences in America and realize that we do have a lot in common and that we’re very lucky to have the freedoms that we do have.

So what are your favorite things about the fourth? How do you celebrate? Or if you’re not in a patriotic mood then what are your summer plans?

If you comment (and leave your email) you’ll be entered to win either a copy of The Inheritance or Power Chord in PDF format. And although it won’t count to voting if you want to keep up with me and my antics you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook. I’ll be announcing the winner after the fourth so good luck! And don’t forget to visit the other awesome blog contests on The Blog Hop Spot!


~ by admin on July 1, 2012.

10 Responses to “Celebrating Independence Blog Hop!”

  1. We will be bar-b-cuing with the kids…lots of food and fireworks.

  2. We plan on having a BBQ. I like the fireworks.


  3. Our town has a major fireworks display downtown. I’ll sit at my house on the other side of the river and watch with my husband from our backyard, sipping a beer in our swing.

  4. we are going to camping and then to the display
    desitheblonde@msn.com of the fire work display

  5. My favorite thing about the 4th is the fireworks! I don’t think I’ve ever not gone and although I’m alone this year, I’m still going!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  6. Thanks so much! I love watching the fireworks with the kids! They get so excited!!!


  7. We are planning on doing burgers on the grill with all of the fixins… and possibly going into the city for the fireworks (if the heat breaks) if not, it will be family game night!

  8. I spend my day with hubby & the kids. We take the day easy. No specific plans.


  9. Spending the day blog hopping and the night in a small town Fireworks show.

  10. I love the fireworks on the 4th! mawmom@gmail.com

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