SSS: The Inheritance

I’m keeping with the theme and going back to my first e-book release with this week’s Six Sentence Sunday! Creepy dolls and psychological strain, anyone?

The Six:

“‘With his eyes still tightly shut, Zane’s good hand fumbled for the button to call the nurse. The box had slipped down under the covers and out of reach. If he opened his eyes to look for it he’d have to see the dear little girl gone wrong and all her features: the straight legs, un-skinned knees, and tidy little bows on scuffed shoes. But there would be no emotion and no hint of a smile. That was not how a child should behave. If anything, it was the demeanor of a killer.’”

Be sure to check out the rest of Six Sentence Sunday!


Curious about The Inheritance? Click on the cover for info!


~ by admin on September 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “SSS: The Inheritance”

  1. That’s definitely creepy, yeah. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Man, creepy, creepy, creepy! Great six!

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