NBP: Back to School Bash!

While I’m glad that I don’t have to go back now that I am old (hey, there are benefits), I will admit to being the typical suck-up goodie-goodie girl as a kid. Yeah, yeah, I know. There was just something about the start of the new school year that was like the start of the new year for me. I loved getting new pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, backpacks (I went through them fast. It wasn’t until my parents got desperate and made me buy them from the army surplus store that I had one last an entire year), lunchboxes, pencil boxes…

Or maybe I really didn’t like school as much as I liked the accessories. Seriously, I still find myself longingly flipping through ads when this time of year rolls around, trying to find an excuse to get five thousand notebooks for a dime a piece or a comforter set that probably won’t fit on my bed, but it’s a deal so why not?

Yeah, I know. It’s a weird form of kryptonite, but there it is.

As for school, itself, I liked English. I liked history, I liked anything that involved stories (imagine that?). I suffered through math, I enjoyed science as long as I understood it, and I dreaded gym. Seriously, I know health is important and I’m all for health, but since when does health have to come with a whopping side of public humiliation?

So what about you? What are your fond school memories? How about the not so fond ones? Be sure to comment (with an email) and you’ll be put in a drawing to win your choice of my No Boundaries Press Titles (Either The Inheritance or Knocking Down Heaven’s Door) in PDF form.

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5 Responses to “NBP: Back to School Bash!”

  1. I loved taking pictures of all my kids on the first day of school. I still do this with my youngest who is in college.

  2. I think it was in high school where my not so fond memories lie, the kids were not so nice to me. but I still puttered along with my love for reading and history.


  3. worst memory would be i started my monthly wearing white shorts and not prepared and the school would not let me go home. i was horrified just trying to get some help. finally my mom’s friend came to the school to pick me up.

  4. I enjoyed being with my friends and I made great grades but honestly I hated being in school lol

  5. Being in a school play


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