Blitz Day/Mini Blog Tour: The Inheritance

I know, I’ve been so bad about getting back on a schedule. If it hasn’t been one thing, it’s been another. That being said, though, I wanted to make sure everyone knows that today is a very special day. Today, No Boundaries Press is blitzing my first title, The Inheritance!


I really love this title. Anything that explores warped family relationships, secrets, and throws in a creepy doll has to have a special place in my heart, right? Seriously, this was one of those titles where the idea came first, and then the actual writing and developing took a while to get it where I wanted it to be. I’m really, really thrilled that people seem to like it, and I’m happy that more are about to learn all about it!

So follow along to learn more about this short story filled with psychological horror!

And for those who aren’t familiar with the title, read on!


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Kaylee has one night to re-connect with her ailing father, but they don’t have much to talk about. Inspired, she decides to read him a story that eerily mirrors their relationship. She wants to bury the hatchet so badly, but all she can remember are the pranks Zachary pulled and in an attempt to make parenthood interesting. But long ago Kaylee learned his Achilles heel, the one silly object that could undo him and change the balance in their relationship. Should she use it? Will she? Find out what happens when love and forgiveness become twisted by anger, retaliation, and disconnect.


~ by admin on January 29, 2013.

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