The Mary Sue Project

First of all if you’re not familiar with who Mary Sue is, go here

And if you’re too bored to read all that, allow me: Through the years the term Mary Sue has been given to female characters (usually in fan fiction) that are most likely self-serving devices of the author’s wishes and complexes. At her worst Mary is always perfect, has every guy in the story panting after her, defeats every challenge with ease, befriends every animal, and has a fabulous wardrobe.

So what the hell’s wrong with that?!

Seriously. The Mary Sue bashing has gotten out of control, to the point that almost any female character can be seen as a Sue. This is hurting a lot of female-centric plots and ideas that could prove challenging and interesting if given a chance. It’s inhibiting women writers and readers…heaven forbid anything they create or like could be seen as a Sue!

And really, given this train of thought…what’s so wrong with having confidence and knowing how to carry yourself? The goal of the Mary Sue project is to give everyone a second thought as to this archetype and use it for the empowerment of women everywhere. What if Mary Sue could be used to turn genres on their heads, shatter glass ceilings, and punch the patriarchy in the face?  And if that process just so happens to give Zillah minions, well, so much the better.

So get those violet contacts in, get out your glam clothes, tune up those heavenly vocal chords, practice your archery, and get your animal confidants ready! Because Mary’s going to drop by with her thoughts on just about everything when you least expect it!

To start with, Mary Sue wants to moonlight on Zillah’s blog as an advice columnist. So if you have a problem you need her to solve, send it with the subject line DEAR MARY SUE to

Zillah reserves the right to edit, change names, or not use questions of people who get too cute.  And for the rest…just be prepared for Mary Sue’s sense of how the world works.


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