The Overlady: Origins

Some time ago a mild-mannered lady looked around at her life and the world around her and realized she was disenchanted. What to do, what to do? Read a bunch of self-help books? Go into therapy? Start a punk rock mime band? There were so many options, but only one really appealed. Because it wasn’t her fault, oh no…the problem was quite simple. Reality Sucked.

So she seceded. Abandoning all name and station, she broke her ties and fled to a blank space of the mind and the internet. All around her was canvas waiting to be painted, paper waiting for words to tell it what to be. And this blankness needed a leader. Since her new life goal was to become Supreme Ruler of Everything, she figured it was a sign. She would hide in this world, rule it, and slowly build her creative power until the time was right and her plot of world domination was complete. But what title should she assume in the meantime? Queen was overdone, Duchess or Lady was too nice. She needed something that combined the romantic flair of her ball gown tastes and the iron fist that was needed to get the job done. Overlord was a snappy title, but for a girl? Eh…not so much. So she took tiara in hand and crowned herself The Overlady.

So after viewing her Blank Space she imagined and worked, threw up a coat of paint and slapped a castle together…and The Overdom was born. To picture it you would be reminded of the happy, grassy animated kingdoms that filled the cartoons of the 80s. Rivers flow here and there, orchards are plentiful, and the towering spires of the pink crystal castle are a sight to behold. Just don’t stumble upon the zombie armies…or the raptor stables…or fall into a meeting of the Contingent of Angry Knitters. Because in this kingdom irreverence is a must and cute and deadly go hand in hand.

Occasionally Zillah will slip into Overlady mode and will campaign for minions and hatch her ever-growing plan for world domination. Just go with it and we’ll all be much happier in the end. If not…well have you met my blood-thirsty raptor lately?


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