Zillah – The Legend

There comes a time in every person’s life when they realize that something’s missing, that there’s a purpose left unfulfilled. Such was the case with me. The regular day-to-day, the drama and the routine of the mundane just wasn’t cutting it. I began to wonder if I was overextending myself, trying to do too much like so many women do…And then I realized that while there was some of that, it wasn’t the real problem. If anything, I wasn’t shooting high enough. Because there is one goal that will make me blissfully, utterly happy and content with myself and all around me.

World domination, baby.

This blog is an outlet for my writing, my rants, my silliness and random tangents that have nowhere else to go. You never know what’s going to show up here – it could be a debate on the merits of vampire henchmen, Mary Sue might just drop by to give out advice, and if I get really riled up my alter ego the Overlady might just raise her tiara-clad head. Pretty much this is a place for me to cut loose and give voice to all the creative energy and pent-up frustration that is simmering under a mild-mannered surface, while hopefully gaining a legion of minions. Oh yeah, and there’s the whole writing thing, too.


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